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     The decision to buy a new forklift is an important and expensive business investment.  The first aspect of that decision is whether or not it will be “new” as in brand spanking new – off the showroom floor.  The criteria for purchasing a brand new forklift are very basic and a bit different than buying a used forklift.  Simply put, if your business only uses a forklift for a few hours or less a day, it would be more economical to buy a used forklift.  That’s material for another article.  Likewise, if your work requiring a forklift is seasonal, you may want to consider renting or leasing one.  That, too, will be addressed in another article.

     Once you decide on going with a new forklift, you have to settle on what type of forklift you need.  Forklifts vary in brand, size and purpose. How much weight does the forklift need to lift? Always purchase a lift that can handle at least the heaviest load, even if you rarely lift that much weight. What is the maximum height the load will be lifted? Forklifts vary in how high they can lift a load. Again, think in terms of at least your maximum height. Will the forklift be used outdoors or indoors? Engine forklifts are typically used outdoors and electric lifts are used indoors.  These questions only deal with the very basics of forklift ownership.

     Once you’ve decided on your basic needs, a great way to continue your search is to navigate to see the features of the leading Forklift manufacturers.  After you’ve reviewed the appropriate models and their unique features and matched them with your needs, explore the “value added” benefits of going with a particular brand or dealership.  Service, parts, operator training, and warranties play a big role in your final decision.  Here, again, we provide numerous resources to help you zero in on the best match for your company’s needs.